Prenatal Classes & Resources

Register now for prenatal classes

We now offer in-person classes. Classes are a 3-week series on Tuesdays at 6 pm.

  • Week 1: Prenatal Care and Labor/Birth
  • Week 2: Postpartum, Newborn Care, and Labor and Delivery Tour
  • Week 3: Breastfeeding

Prenatal classes are now available.

  • Classes are FREE for all, including non-UI Health patients.
  • Classes can be completed with ONE support person, if desired. Children under 18 years old may not be your support person.

We also offer a free application to access class content at home. Download the Yomingo app on the App Store or Google Play to explore classes.

Email for more information about classes or with non-emergent questions.

Midwifery Meet and Greet

Midwifery "Meet and Greet" now available. As a UIH patient receiving care for your pregnancy, you have the option to meet our midwives prior to your delivery. All of our midwives are advanced practice nurses. Your prenatal care visits will be completed by the midwife of your choosing. When you arrive to Labor and Delivery, the midwife working that day will have the pleasure of working with you. You will then return to your primary midwife for postpartum care and future appointments as needed.

Please click here to complete our survey if you are interested in meeting the midwives.

We take every opportunity to honor your birth preferences. Click here to download your birth preference list. Don’t forget to bring a copy with you to Labor and Delivery.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the Family Birth Place.