Small Intestinal Rehab and Transplantation

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with short bowel and intestinal syndrome, a condition in which the small intestine is missing or has been removed. Short bowel syndrome, or short gut, can be caused by a birth defect or can occur later in life from Crohn's disease, trauma, or other intestinal accidents. Patients with short gut are unable to receive proper nutrition, and because of this they require intervention. Our specialized providers, led by Dr. Robert Carroll, are skilled at providing comprehensive care for patients with small bowel syndrome. We are currently the only center in the United States to offer living donor small bowel transplant.


If you are a referring physician wanting to discuss referral with a physician, please call 708.214.5006. If you are a patient wanting to be seen, please call our clinic nurse line at 312.996.8298