Bariatric Surgery Revision

Even though many people have successful results with their first bariatric surgery, the experience may not be for everyone. Unfortunately, some people do not achieve the desired outcome or are not satisfied with the results of their first surgery.  

UI Health offers transoral outlet reduction (TORe) which is a minimally invasive procedure performed endoscopically. The outlet also known as the gastrojejunal anastomosis may dilate over time and lead to weight gain. This diameter can be reduced with endoscopic sutures leading to weight loss.

The Endobariatric team understands a patient's frustration of having an unsatisfied experience with the first procedure and not reaching their goals. That is why our team is here to provide a thorough evaluation, answer concerns, and meet a patient's individual care needs. 

Through Bariatric Surgery Revision, our experienced and knowledgeable team helps to correct a patient's initial surgery and provide them with the best outcome possible to help reach their goals.