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Immuware FAQ

Welcome to Immuware.

Immuware Login
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  • What is Immuware?
    Immuware is an employee health software application which allows for automation of employee and supervisor reports. It includes an online portal that employees and supervisors can access for COVID-19 related results from any location 24/7, on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  UHS is launching the application on June 15, 2020.
  • How does this benefit me and my team?
    During these challenging times, employees and supervisors want real-time reporting about results and work status. Immuware’s automation and online employee portal will decrease the wait time and get you the information you need as soon as it is available.
  • How is “University of Illinois System ID and Password” different than my “Hospital ID”?
    Immuware is accessed using your NetID and your UI System password. This is the same password you use to access NESSIE, payroll, and other enterprise systems – not your UI Health password.
  • How does this change how we normally do things?
    Employees and supervisors will receive email notices when new information, such as test results and Work Status Reports are added to their record. Supervisors will not have access to any employee medical records. UHS staff are available for any questions and can be reached at uhsclinic@uic.edu
  • What about my daily symptom monitoring?
    Daily symptom monitoring will continue and move to twice daily reporting through the online portal. Employees will receive an email message directing them to the Immuware login page to complete their symptom monitoring.  If you are currently in a 14-day monitoring program, you will continue to receive notices from REDCaps until the 14-day period ends.
  • What about my test results?
    COVID 19 lab tests will be available for review and downloading through the online portal.  An email notice will direct you to the portal to review your new lab test result.