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Nursing Services

The nursing staff at the University Of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System cares about your health and well-being. We believe in treating everyone who walks through our doors with respect and courtesy. Nurses are here to help you heal and to comfort and support you during life's most difficult times. We strive to provide exceptional patient care and to ensure your safety and well-being. Your health and safety are our top priority.

Our Mission

Nurses at the University Of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Hospital) provide a holistic approach in optimizing outcomes of our culturally diverse population. We deliver the highest standards of nursing care through evidence-based practice, shared leadership and sensitivity to the uniqueness of each patient and their families. While we welcome ever-changing technology, individual respect and compassion remain at the core of our practice. As part of an academic medical center, we play a key role in the mission of clinical practice, education and research. Everyday we touch the lives of patients, their families and the many healthcare disciplines learning on our campus. We actively help to shape and nurture all health care professionals of the future. Our impact as nursing professionals has a long-lasting effect on everyone who comes through our doors. We are challenged by and take responsibility for the serious trust we assume in leaving behind a body of work in which we can always honor and take pride in.

Unyielding commitment to quality patient service through:
Modeling, mentoring
Compassion and caring to our community

Our Services

Nursing Services supports the Medical Center's mission of education, research and clinical practice. UI Hospital Nursing Services is unique in Illinois because our fundamental mission is to teach future healthcare providers, expand evidenced based nursing practice and provide outstanding clinical care. Our Synergy care delivery model embraces nursing's role in improving health care for the patients we are privileged to serve and recognizes that nursing holds the trust of society as the profession responsible for maintaining safety in the healthcare environment. Our goal is to consistently provide outstanding care while maintaining this trust and help our patients achieve their optimum state of wellness.

Our Team

The nursing team is comprised of a diverse staff, with one of the highest education rates in the United .States; 75% of our bedside nurses have attained a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree in nursing. There are five divisions under nursing; the unit details follow:

Adult Critical Care Services

  • Neuro-Surgery Intensive Care Unit (NSICU). This 22-bed Neuro-Surgical Intensive Care Unit is a recognized leader in the field of neurosurgery, excelling in the treatment of vascular brain injuries. Our expert team of nurses works with a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the highest standard of intensive neurologic care and offers hope for patients with diseases of the brain, spine and nervous system.
  • Neuro Stepdown. This 26-bed unit is dedicated to intermediate neurological care from headaches to strokes. Our nurses practice with an expert team that has extensive experience diagnosing and treating common as well as complex neurological disorders and conditions.
  • Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU). This 19-bed unit specializes in the care of critically-ill medical-surgical adult patients with a broad range of illnesses including acute coronary syndromes, unstable arrhythmias, respiratory failure, lung disease, renal, metabolic, and infectious processes. Utilizing some of the world's most advanced technology; our innovative team is on the cutting edge of diagnosis, treatment and discovery. Nurses on this unit are members of both the cardiac arrest/code team and rapid response team.
  • 7W Organ Transplant Unit. Our transplant unit is an integral part of a renowned program that provides state-of-the-art kidney, liver, pancreas, small bowel, and islet cell transplantation services. This specialized team of nurses provide a continuum of pre-operative, post-operative recovery and discharge patient services.
  • Medical/Cardiac Step-down Unit(s). These units provide intermediate care for a wide variety of illnesses and disorders requiring round-the-clock monitoring. Working together, our step-down units bring together healthcare providers who pool their knowledge and exchange ideas in order to provide patients with the best comprehensive care available.
  • Gastro-Intestinal (GI), Bronchoscopy and Cardiac Catheter Labs. Nurses in these labs help physicians perform more than 4,500 procedures a year including, endoscopic ultrasounds, magnification colonoscopies, cardiac catheterizations, and double balloon enteroscopy of the small bowel.
  • Radiology. With 4 interventional suites and an array of state of the art diagnostic equipment, nurses help physicians perform thousands of innovative procedures including intracranial treatment of aneurysms, fibroid embolization and radio frequency tumor ablations.

Women's and Children's Services

  • Women's Family Healthcare: Labor and Delivery and Mom-Baby Units. Services include over 7,000 OB visits, 2,800 deliveries, and 300 maternal transports annually. Our Level III Perinatal Center is a leader in women's reproductive health. We provide a wide array of comprehensive services designed to support you before, during and immediately following the birth of your baby. Our expert team offers innovative obstetrical care, routine as well as high-risk, for both mother and infant.
  • Pediatrics (Peds) and Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU) Units. Our Pediatric Department includes a 24-bed Pediatric Unit, a 9-bed Intermediate Care Unit and a 12-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit serving newborns to young adults, with a variety of illnesses. We have achieved the Pediatric Critical Care Center (PCCC) designation from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC). In our family-centered unit your child's and the parents' needs are our main concern.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Unit. As a designated Level III (highest level of care) Perinatal Center, our team provides cutting-edge treatment for a complete range of neonatal and infant critical illnesses including respiratory, surgical, genetic, renal, neurological, cardiac, hematological and metabolic diseases. Our approach is two-fold; providing exceptional health care for our patients while empowering and supporting their parents and families. Our 51-bed unit serves as a referral destination for critically ill newborns throughout the state of Illinois.

Adult Medical, Surgical, Rehabilitative and Psychiatric Services

Telemetry monitoring capability is available in all adult medical, surgical and intermediate care inpatient beds.

  • 5 East Rehabilitation Unit. Our 18-bed CARF accredited rehabilitation unit is an essential component of the continuum of care provided by UI Hospital. Our inpatient rehabilitation center of excellence combines the best in rehabilitation, the best in nursing care and the best in medical management for patients with a wide range of needs related to neurological, orthopedic and complex medical diagnoses. Our team's collective goal is to return patients to their home and community settings functioning at their maximal level of independence.
  • 5 East Specialty Surgery Unit. This new state-of-the-art 17-bed post-op unit, using some of the most sophisticated technology, is home to our bariatric as well as our post-robotic, orthopedic and urological specialty post-op patients. Using the latest technology, along with our extremely dedicated healthcare professionals, we take great pride in the clinical, educational and research services we provide. Our focus is on helping you achieve your highest level of health.
  • 7 East Medicine Unit. Our 59-bed medical-surgical unit serves a diverse population of adult and geriatric patients experiencing diabetes, heart disease, chronic renal failure, asthma/COPD and sickle cell disease. The unit also serves as an observation unit for patients requiring post-procedural monitoring. Our staff utilizes the innovative internet phone system that enhances patient communication, service and satisfaction. The multi-disciplinary team pools their knowledge and exchanges ideas in order to provide patients with the best comprehensive care available.
  • 7 West Walter Payton Liver Center Unit. The Walter Payton Liver Center is a 28-bed unit providing comprehensive pre and postoperative care to patients with hepatic and other related diseases. Endowed by the Walter Payton Foundation, this unique unit provides a full-range of patient care services from diagnostics to robotic surgery. The Center's staff is on the cutting edge of diagnosis, treatment and discovery. And more importantly, as Walter "Sweetness" Payton would have insisted "the best care available - is available to everybody."
  • 8 West Oncology Unit. 8 West Oncology is a 30-bed unit where patients and their families benefit from evidence-based cancer care. Our partnership with UIC's Medical College offers our patients the latest in clinical trial research coupled with a patient-focused treatment plan addressing both their physical and emotional needs. Working together, the team provides "total" care for the patient and family, utilizing innovative and holistic treatments.
  • Bone Marrow, Stem Cell Transplant Unit. Our 10-bed unit performing stem cell/bone marrow transplantation - one of the most effective treatments for a variety of malignant and nonmalignant conditions including leukemia, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin's disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, aplastic anemia, and sickle cell disease. The transplant team approaches each case with the goal of significantly increasing the survival and improving the quality of life for each patient.
  • 8 East Psychiatry Unit. Our mental health unit offers a full range of psychiatry services as well as five specialty programs: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Women's Mental Health, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Neurobehavioral Health and Psychosis. Our Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment unit, in collaboration with the Department of Children and Family Services, is a model treatment program for adolescents with severe mental illness. The mental health team boasts leaders in the field of clinical psychiatry and related research. Our therapeutic approach includes individual and group therapy along with treatment activities designed for each patient to address individual problems, needs and challenges.

Surgical Services

  • Operating Room (OR). With 19 operating suites, averaging 55 scheduled cases daily, our surgical team utilizes the latest medical technology and research to offer the best care available. Whether it's a simple surgical intervention or a highly complex procedure our goal is always the same - helping patients achieve their highest level of health. Some highlights include our minimally invasive and robotic surgery program utilizing a robotic arm. The system enables surgeons to perform even the most complex and delicate procedures through minute incisions. Our transplantation service is another renowned program providing state-of-the-art kidney, liver, pancreas, small bowel, and islet cell transplantation.
  • Anesthesia Pre-Operative Evaluation Clinic (APEC) and Surgi-Center (SC). APEC and Surgi-center staff provide pre and post-op care and education. Our belief is that a well-informed patient is best able to participate in decisions that affect his or her health, and patients who take an active part in their healthcare decisions have better outcomes. APEC and Surgi-center are located on the 3rd floor adjacent to the OR.
  • Post-Anesthesia Recovery Room (PACU). The Recovery Room or Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) is staffed by RNs and anesthesiologists who provide post-op and post-anesthesia care. Their goal is assisting patients in awakening from surgery safely and comfortably. Our entire dedicated healthcare team takes great pride in the clinical, educational and research patient services we provide.

Emergency Department Services

Emergency Department (ED). The Emergency Room sees over 48,000 patients annually. Our specialized team of physicians, nurses and techs provide the evaluation, resuscitation and medical stabilization of patients of all ages who present with acute illness or injury. We are a designated Level II Trauma Center with devoted treatment areas for fast-track and pediatrics. We are certified by IDPH as a Pediatric Critical Care center. Our collective goal is to provide the kind of acute clinical expertise, specialized services, and state-of-the-art technology you'd find at an academic medical center.

The goal of each and every nurse at the University Of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System is to provide outstanding care while helping all patients achieve an optimum level of wellness. Your comfort is our mission.

Nursing is Always Here. 24 Hours a Day. 7 Days a Week.