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Spine Surgery & Scoliosis Treatment

The Department of Orthopaedics at UI Health offers a wide range of nonsurgical, minimally invasive, and traditional surgical techniques for the treatment of back, neck, and spine problems. Some of the common procedures performed by our experts include cervical disc replacement, discectomy, epidural blocks, kyphoplasty, and lumbar spinal fusion. Often, our surgeries are done with just a 1-inch incision to ensure the shorter hospitalizations, less postoperative pain, faster recovery, less scarring and soft-tissue damage, and improved function.

Our physicians have experience providing treatment for adults and children with scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Treatment will depend on the type of scoliosis, degree of curvature, amount of pain, age of the patient, and severity of the condition. Surgery is often perceived as the last option after other nonsurgical approaches have been attempted. Our goal is to stop the condition from progressing and to prevent deformities.