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Forms and Support Documents

Forms, Tools, and Supporting Materials

To make your next appointment go easier, please bring your child's blood sugar meter and any supplies that go along with it. Please also bring the following forms, or have your child's physician fax them to us:

Sick Day

If your child is ill, we advise you to follow the sick day guidelines that we are providing, and/or to contact our office at 312.996.1795. If you are calling after hours, please ask to page the endocrinologist on call.

Insulin Calculations

Please use the forms listed below to help you and your child manage his or her diabetes:

Forms for New Patients

External Information/Related Websites

Online community for children living with diabetes:

Diabetes and Endocrine disorder advocacy groups:

Food and nutrition information:

Resource for parents looking for information or for other doctors who specialize in Pediatric Endocrinology:

Specific information on: