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Home Delivery of Medications

Home Delivery of Medications

UI Health offers medication delivery right to your door for patients with regular monthly prescriptions. It’s an easy way to get your medications delivered to your home at no extra cost.

Most prescriptions are eligible for home delivery (mail order), except for controlled substances and some over the counter medications. You may qualify for this program if you are a transplant patient with anti-rejection medicines or if you have multiple prescriptions. Delivery charges may apply.

To sign up for home delivery:

  1. Contact the UI Health Wood Street Pharmacy at 312.996.6887 and ask to be added to the mail order program.


  1. Let your UI Health pharmacist or pharmacy representative know that you’d like to transfer your prescriptions to the mail order program. The pharmacy representative will then contact the Wood Street Pharmacy on your behalf, and you will receive a follow-up message in MyChart.

UI Health’s mail order pharmacy can save a trip to the pharmacy and help keep you on top of your prescriptions, so you don’t miss a dose.

Telephone: 312.413.7847

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: 9 am – 5:30 pm