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Inpatient Treatment Service

The Women's Mental Health Team on the University of Illinois Hospital Psychiatric Unit specializes in caring for acute women's mental health issues. These include acute psychotic or mood symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum. 

The 35-bed unit serves the acute, short-term needs of patients during periods of crisis. Eight beds are dedicated to women who suffer from psychiatric conditions while pregnant or postpartum.

The Inpatient Women's Team includes:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Physician serving a fellowship in Women's Mental Health
  • Psychiatry residents
  • Social worker
  • Medical student(s)

These professionals work together to:

  • Stabilize a patient with medications and therapy
  • Collaborate with family
  • Locate resources in the community to bridge the care into an outpatient service

The team visits each patient daily, adjusts medication, and directs group treatment. Social workers who specialize in the needs of women in the final stages of pregnancy, or the weeks following delivery also are available to provide treatment.

The Inpatient Team also works closely with the OB/GYN Team to be sure appropriate obstetric care is provided to mental health patients who need it.