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Our Team

The best way to fight lung cancer and help patients with lung disease is to take a team approach. At UI Health,our team is made up of physicians,nurse practitioners, nurses and other medical experts in the following areas:

Kevin Kovitz, MD, MBA
Mary Pasquinelli, NP
Robert Winn, MD

Odile David, MD

Michael Bresler, MD
James Bui, MD
Ron Gaba, MD

Radiation Oncology
Matthew Koshy, MD
Martha Menchacha, MD  

Khaled Abdelhady, MD
Pier C. Giulianotti, MD
Malek Massad, MD
Myraim Davis, APN
Lona Urnst, PA
Kacie Zysset, PA

Lawrence Feldman, MD

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Suite 3C 
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To make an appointment with a University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System Lung Cancer specialist, call us at 312.413.4900