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The Lung Cancer Screening Process: What to Expect

The Screening Visit

  • You will start by meeting with a nurse practitioner or physician, who will ask you questions about your health and perform a brief physical examination.
  • They will also explain to you the benefits and risks of the low-dose CT lung cancer screening. Feel free to ask questions!
  • If you meet the screening criteria you will be scheduled for a low-dose CT to be done at a later date (usually within 1 – 2 weeks after your screening visit or at your convenience).

The low-dose CT visit

  • At the low-dose CT visit, you will be asked to lie still on the scanner table, with your hands above your head. The procedure takes approximately 5 minutes and is painless. Both ends of the machine are completely open and you can see and hear around you when your body is being scanned.
  • After your visit, a specially trained, board-certified radiologist will look at the images from your low-dose CT scan.


Two business days after the screening visit, we will contact you with the results of your screening test. Follow-up recommendations that apply specifically to you and your results will be discussed. Note that most abnormalities detected by low-dose CT screening are not cancerous and are harmless. Significant findings will be addressed.

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