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Our mission is to deliver personalized medicine to every patient that walks through our doors with a variety of cardiopulmonary disorders, including the medically underserved populations. Our overall research goals are to better understand heart and lung health and both cardiovascular and respiratory diseases through the following types of collaborative research:

  • Basic Science
    Basic science research is conducted to help doctors better understand what causes a disease, how well current treatments work and to develop new treatments. It is conducted in laboratories by looking at the cells and the molecular breakdowns of a disease.
  • Translational
    Translational research takes scientific discoveries made in the lab and applies it in realistic ways to people. It provides opportunities to take what we learn in more scientific research and make a difference in our own communities.
  • Clinical Investigation
    Clinical Investigation is research that directly involves people. It includes testing current and new treatments, procedures or preventive approaches.

The eventual outcome of these efforts is developing new approaches to care, better ways to diagnose disease in our patients, and new treatment options that haven't yet been discovered. We are working on this every day in order to improve the care and health of all of our patients.

For Patients: Research Trial Information

Many physicians on our UI Health team are doing research to better understand why different people get lung diseases and if there are new and better ways to treat them. Our patients have opportunities to be involved in these studies and to gain access to experts and new treatment options.

Our strong link between the research we do as the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the clinical care we provide as the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System means you are treated in our clinics and hospital by the same people who are making the medical breakthroughs in the lab.

For Physicians: Basic, Translational & Clinical Investigation

Our research focus includes lung disorders such as acute- and sub-acute lung injury, infectious lung disease, interstitial lung diseases (such as sarcoidosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), pulmonary hypertension, sickle cell lung disease, scleroderma, lung cancer, asthma, and environmental lung disorders. Additional efforts are devoted to cardiac disorders including cardiac sarcoidosis, heart failure and lung and cardiac transplantation complications.