Bariatric Support Groups

Our Bariatric Surgery Program hosts a joint monthly virtual support group sessions for patients who have undergone any type of bariatric surgery and for potential bariatric surgery candidates.

Virtual Support Groups

Our Virtual Support Group Sessions include several sections/topics and are offered for both patients interested in bariatric surgery and those who have already had bariatric surgery. The Virtual Support Groups cover the following:

  1. Exercise 101 with Physical Therapist that will provide guidance on exercise for bariatric patients.
  2. Bariatric Topic of the Month Presentation that is led by different members of the bariatric surgery team (dietitian, bariatrician, physical therapist, psychologist, plastic surgeon [post-op]) and focus on a specific topic each month.
  3. Bariatric Surgeon Presentation that covers services offered in the Bariatric Surgery Program, the health risks of obesity, and how our team of bariatric health professionals will support and guide you through your journey.

Time is allotted for Q&A and for participants to share their journey with and support other attendees.

Online Registration

Click here to register for the virtual support group.

Meeting Time 12 pm CST

(On day of) Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 481 486 2293

(On day of) Audio only call: 312.626.6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID:
481 486 2293
Code: 77675091# US (Chicago)

Once the Support Group Session is completed, click here for the survey feedback form for credit of attendance.

Bariatric Support Group Schedule 2024

June 5 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Rich Severin Pain Management
July 10 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Reed Berger Vitamins
August 7 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Ann Quinn “Let’s Talk About Your Big BUT…”
September 11 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Janette Cino Bariatric Grocery List and Meal Prep
October 2 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Jeremy O’Neal Eating Over the Holidays
November 6 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Amy Bachman Bariatric Surgery 101
January 2025 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Alison Newman Putting Yourself First in 2024
February 2025 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Heather Eisele Emotional Eating
March 2025 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Jamie Appelbaum Setting Effective Goals for Lifestyle Changes
April 2025 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Alina Kraft Non-Scale Victories
May 2025 Rich Severin EXERCISE 101
Elena Henderson Self-Compassion and Bariatric Surgery