Support After Bariatric Surgery

UI Health offers several support programs to help patients after bariatric surgery, including a monthly support group and one-on-one support. These are designed to help patients:

  • Adjust to lifestyle changes after the surgery
  • Stay on track with changes in healthy eating and exercise  
  • Get back on track for those who have started slipping into unhealthy habits

Bariatric Surgery Support Group 

Support groups are led by bariatricians and dietitians, will focus on a specific topic each month and feature a Q&A session. Time also is allotted for participants also will be able to share with and support other attendees. No notification is required — just show up! 

Dietitians and psychologists also are available to meet with you on an individual basis to help you stay on track — or get back on track. If you would like to meet with a psychologist or dietitian during your clinic appointment, just inform the staff. To schedule an appointment with a bariatric dietitian, call 312.996.5100. To schedule an appointment with a psychologist, call 312.355.3463.

If there is additional support you think you could benefit from after surgery, such as a consultation with a physical therapist for exercise suggestions, or have any questions about what support is available, please ask a member of your bariatric team.