Breast Cancer Clinic

The Breast Cancer Clinic provides team-based treatment and support for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.
The goal of the clinic is to:

  • Decrease the time between diagnosis and the initiation of treatment
  • Incorporate a team-based approach to develop a treatment plan personalized for YOU
  • Provide counseling and emotional support to guide you through this journey

The Breast Cancer Clinic is held every Friday at 9:00am in the UI Health Cancer Center (1E). During the initial visit, you will meet the clinical team which includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists. The clinic also has fertility and genetics specialists to provide guidance if child birth or family history of breast cancer are concerns. Additionally, a dedicated breast nurse navigator is available to answer questions and coordinate appointments, procedures and tests.

After you meet your providers, your diagnosis is discussed amongst your clinical team. This is when your individual treatment plan is created. You will have the option to wait (go to lunch, grab a coffee, etc.) while your case is being discussed or the nurse navigator can call you with the plan. In many cases, the team can start to schedule certain tests/procedures on that first visit.

How to prepare for clinic:

  • The Breast Cancer Clinic begins at 9:00 am and varies in length for each patient. Based on your personal needs and diagnosis, you may need to meet with multiple providers or just a couple. Our breast cancer nurse navigator will inform you of a time frame prior to your appointment.
  • We are sensitive to the anxiety women with breast cancer experience, having a family member or friend come with you on clinic day is encouraged.
  • The clinic is set up so you have multiple “appointments” in one day. Based on the number of providers you see, you may have more than one co-pay due at the end of your visit. This is also dependent on your insurance provider. Our financial staff will assist you with the payment process and help set up a payment plan if needed.

Cancer Clinic  
1818 W. Taylor, Suite 1E
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Contact Us
Please call our breast nurse navigator regarding questions about the Breast Cancer Clinic at 312.355.1989.