Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), there are more than 14.5 million American cancer survivors. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer sites in the survivor population. As the number of cancer survivors increase, it becomes important for oncologists and primary care providers to recognize and manage their health care needs.

For many cancer survivors, the years after cancer treatment can bring physical and psychological challenges. These challenges  may include potential of recurrence of the cancer, understanding and managing short-term and long-term effects of treatment, and addressing social, physical and psychological concerns

Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic at UI Health

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic at UI Health was established in an effort to better serve the survivorship needs of cancer patients, their families and their communities.

What to expect?

In the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic, your survivorship clinician will review your survivorship care plans and treatment summary.

  • Treatment Summary: A treatment summary highlights the important information related to the diagnosis, including type of cancer, staging, surgical procedures performed and any treatment administered, for example chemotherapy, radiation or hormonal therapy.
  • Survivorship care plan: A survivorship care plan contains details on follow-up, monitoring recommendations as well as side effects of treatment, quality of life, and overall health, including how to manage long-term complications.
  • Referral network: A list of providers will be discussed with you should you need follow-up care. Our team will can help make necessary appointments with the doctors you need to see.

The survivorship care plan is intended to educate individuals and to serve as a communication tool between your oncology doctors and primary health care team.