Useful Resources

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and every patient finds her own way of coping with their diagnosis. 
To help breast cancer patients find extra help, below are a list of organizations that can provide further information as it relates to support and additional resources.

  • Bright Pink - provides education, resources and support for women at high-risk for breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Gilda's Club - provides support, activities (physical and social), support groups/meetings and family activities for all cancer populations/disease sites.
  • Imerman Angels - provides FREE, mentored, individualized support by age, disease site, life circumstances, etc. to any cancer fighter (all disease sites), survivor or caregiver.
  • Intercultural Cancer Network - provides information, resources, policy updates, and research in the context of eliminating health disparities.
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation - offers Dx and Tx navigation and a myriad of support networks.          
  • Stupid Cancer - serving young adults with cancer (all disease sites) with assistance and support - legal, financial, fertility, companionship, and job assistance.
  • Twist Out Cancer - a social media platform for cancer survivors and families to connect with each other and self-advocate for their own needs.