Surgery and Hospitalization

The Night Before

  • Pack overnight and any additional day (comfortable clothing) 

  • Good shower and shampoo hair 

  • For boys/men no facial hair 

  • Brush/Floss Teeth and Gums, Swish with Peridex (oral antibiotic) 

  • Do not eat after midnight 

  • Drink plenty of fluids (Gatorade) before midnight 

  • Start taking colace (stool softener) 

The Morning of Surgery

  • 2 hours before you come to the hospital drink clear Gatorade 

  • Brush Teeth and Gums. 

  • Swish with Peridex (oral antibiotic) 

  • Arrive at least 30-60 minutes before you are asked to come 

At the hospital

  • Meet the anesthesiologist 

  • I will see you before surgery and go over any questions 

  • You will meet the plastic surgery residents who will care for you 

  • Consents for Anesthesia, Surgery and Blood will be signed


  • Do not watch the clock 

  • Please bring something to do or watch a movie 

  • Try your best to keep your mind from thinking what his happening in the operating room

After Surgery

  • The OR Nurse will call the family as soon as the surgery is done and I will meet with the family in the consultation room

Immediate Recovery in the Hospital

  • Expect some bleeding from the mouth and nose 

  • Expect some nausea and vomiting 

  • Begin trying to take liquids the evening of surgery 

  • The morning after surgery,  begin preparations to go home (based on how much you can drink)