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Correction of Open bite

Jaw Surgery to treat Open bite

This video is an introduction to open bite jaw surgery at UI Health

When can I schedule for surgery?

  1. Your teeth must be ready for surgery
    Progress Dental Models/Scans [Surgery Feasibility Models]  to check when the teeth fit like a puzzle.  Stable bite for surgery.
  2. Insurance approval for the surgery
    Submit X-rays, Pictures and a Letter of Functional Problems ~3-6 months before the anticipated surgery
    4-6 weeks to get an approval or denial for surgery

If the teeth are ready and we have insurance approval, then we can assign a surgical date 6 to 8 weeks later.

To schedule an appointment:

  • New Patient Registration: 312.355.0900
  • Appointment Scheduling (Established Patients): 312.996.7546