Gender Affirming Surgery

The Gender Affirming Surgery Program at UI Health has an all-inclusive team of experts providing surgical services and additional support to help as you navigate gender affirmation care.

Our program acknowledges that every patient is on a unique journey. We are here to work with you to determine how to best meet your goals of external gender presentation.

We want you to feel and be as prepared as possible while you take these important steps towards surgery. Our clinical team is here to discuss questions you may have.


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We accept many insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance, and offer out-of-pocket options as needed. Before your first visit, we ask that you obtain letters of readiness from your Primary Care Provider / Prescriber, and Mental Health provider, so we can efficiently schedule your surgery at a time that works for you. You will find the required documents for each procedure listed under the Procedures page. All of our pre-operative requirements are based on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care (Version 8).

Meet The Director

Julia Corcoran, MD, Co-Director

Julia Corcoran, MD, Director

Dr. Julia Corcoran practices in the Division of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgery at UI Health, where she focuses on the reconstructive needs of young adults up to age 25.

As part of the Gender Affirming Surgery Program, Dr. Corcoran cares for patients and families on their journeys with gender affirmation. She specializes in the realm of chest reconstruction, including asymmetric breasts, oversized breasts (female macromastia and male gynecomastia), and Top surgery.


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Gender Affirming Surgery

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