Clinical Visit Follow-Up Schedule

After going home from the hospital, it is important to have regular blood tests, liver function tests (LFT) and clinic visits. Any impairment of the liver function can be first noticed by an increase in the LFT.  There can be many other reason for an increase in LFT, including acute rejection. As there are no specific symptoms for early acute rejection, it is important to review all of your blood tests, including liver enzymes and immunosuppressive medication levels. It may be necessary to obtain a liver biopsy to tell the difference between rejection and other causes of decreased liver function.

It is extremely important that you come to your clinic visits at the times assigned to you. The only way to be tested for possible problems after transplantation is to come to clinic to be examined and have your blood tested.

Clinic Follow-Up Schedule

  • Day 14—30: Once a week
  • Day 31–60: Every 2 weeks
  • Day 61–90: Every 3 weeks
  • Day 91–120 (3-4 months): Monthly
  • Day 121–150: (4-5 months): Every 2 months
  • Day 151–180 (5-6 months): Every 3 months
  • Day 181–210 (5-7 months): Every 4 months
  • Day 211–240 (7-8 months): Every 5 months
  • Day 241–270 (8-9 months): Every 6 months

Patients can return to their referring physician and be seen in the liver clinic every six months or annually. Blood tests are drawn every three months to check function and antirejection drug levels.