Help Stop Liver Cancer

The Goals of the Walter Payton Liver Center.

To address the growing needs of our community, the Walter Payton Liver Center is partnering with individuals, organizations, and businesses who share our vision of enriching and saving lives. We are inviting you to join us in embracing the legacy of Walter Payton by providing the resources necessary to:

  • Create endowed chairs and professorships to recruit and retain the world's best medical staff in liver disease and transplant surgery.
  • Facilitate and support invaluable medical research.
  • Renovate, expand, and enhance our research laboratories.
  • Increase education, prevention, early detection, and awareness through ongoing outreach programs.

Now, It's Our Turn to Carry the Ball

The Walter Payton Liver Center is currently reaching out to community, government, and business leaders, in addition to local and national philanthropists. If you wish to support the efforts or would like to know more about the Walter Payton Liver Center, we invite you to contact us and join our efforts to make certain the best care available is available to everybody.

To make a donation, contact the Office of Medical Advancement at 312.996.4470.