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Liver Transplant Options

Types of Liver Transplant

The Liver Transplant Program at UI Health offers liver transplant options that other hospitals may not offer, including:

Deceased (Cadaver) Donor Liver Transplant: Patients with advanced liver disease, who do not have the option of a living donor transplant, join the waiting list for a deceased donor.

Living Related Donor: This refers to a living donor who is a healthy blood relative of the person awaiting transplant. This could be a sibling, parent, child, aunt, uncle, cousin, among others.

Living Unrelated Donor: This refers to a healthy person who is emotionally close to but not blood related to the person awaiting transplant. This includes one’s spouse, in-law relatives, and close friends. A living unrelated donor also may include an altruistic donor or someone involved in a liver-paired donation or donor chain.