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Employee Health Portal (Immuware)

Welcome to Employee Health Portal (Immuware).

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What is Immuware?
Immuware is the Employee Health Portal for UI Health employees, UIC campus employees and students from the UIC health science colleges. The software application was launched June 15, 2020. You can access your Employee Health Portal 24/7 on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

How do I access the Employee Health Portal (Immuware)?
A quick link is available on the Hospital Intranet homepage. Your Employee Health Portal can be accessed at Immuware.UIHealth.Care .

How do I log in to my Employee Health Portal (Immuware)?
You log in using your NetID and UI System password. This is the same password you use to access NESSIE, payroll and other enterprise systems- not your UI Health password.

How does my Employee Health Portal (Immuware) benefit me?
You can electronically submit certain forms to University Health Service, request medical records and view components of your Employee Health medical record.
Supervisors are able to track compliance for their employee's medical surveillance. Please note supervisors do not have access to employee medical records, they are only able to see if an employee is compliant with their medical surveillance requirements.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Employee Health Portal (Immuware) or I am having difficulty logging/ completing forms?
For any questions regarding your Employee Health Portal please email uhsclinic@uic.edu. Hospital IS will not be able to resolve any Employee Health Portal access issues.

What can I submit via my Employee Health Portal (Immuware)?

  • COVID Intake forms
  • COVID symptom questionnaires for passive monitoring and return to work
  • COVID vaccine records for vaccines administered outside of UI Health
  • TB risk assessment questionnaires
  • Annual TB symptom questionnaires, for employee's who test positive for TB
  • Respiratory questionnaire for fit testing
  • Flu vaccine consent form
  • Flu vaccine records for vaccines not administered by UHS
  • Requests for medical records
  • Any documents you would like added to your employee health medical record

What records can I view in my Employee Health Portal (Immuware)?

  • COVID work status reports
  • COVID vaccine records
  • COVID test results
  • TB test results
  • Fit testing records, including type of mask, size and date of fit test
  • Flu vaccine records
  • Any forms you have completed via your Employee Health Portal (Immuware)
  • Any medical records you have requested via your Employee Health Portal (Immuware)

Will my Employee Health Portal have any additional information/features in the future?
The following items will be services offered by your Employee Health Portal in the future:

  • Documentation of measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and hepatitis B titers
  • Documentation of MMR, varicella, hepatitis B and Tdap/Td vaccines
  • Ability to opt in to receive important employee health notifications via text or your personal email address
  • Ability to submit offsite COVID testing results
  • Ability to submit TB exposure paperwork
  • Ability to submit questions/inquiries/concerns to the University Health Service team