Welcome to the University Andrology Laboratory

The University Andrology Laboratory provides physicians and their patients with all forms of male infertility testing, in addition to operating a patient sperm banking program.

This full-service facility is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the infertility using the highest standard of quality of care. Patients can either visit the main laboratory facility on the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center campus or visit our satellite laboratory on North Michigan Avenue.

In 1996, the University Andrology Laboratory forever changed the sperm-banking world by introducing the concept of "Sperm Banking from Home" with development of the first banking-by-mail program, OverNiteMale® Program. The "OverNiteMale"® Program is particularly convenient for patients who are unable to make a personal visit to one of our laboratories to produce a sample. Patients instead can produce a sample in the privacy of their own home and send it directly to our laboratory. Inpatients in any hospital also can take advantage of the OverNiteMale® program during their hospital stay.

The University Andrology Laboratory was originally introduced in 1982 at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and in 1996 relocated to the Department of Urology at UI Health. The laboratory meets the highest standard of quality control and quality assurance. The operation of the University Andrology Laboratory has been under the direction of Gail S. Prins, PhD, HCLD, from its inception.

For women faced with serious conditions which may impair future fertility, the Fertility Preservation Program at UI Health offers a comprehensive approach. Our team consists of reproductive endocrinologists, medical and surgical oncologists, pathologists, embryologists, nurses, social workers, and clinical ethics consultants who are here to help. Please click here for more information regarding University of Illinois Fertility Preservation Program at the University of Illinois Center for IVF & Fertility.