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Over Nite Male Kits

Sperm banking —the long-term freezing of human sperm — is the best option for preserving future fertility for men facing threats to their ability to father children. Sterilization, reduction in fertility, or genetic damage can result from chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, prostate surgery, vasectomy, or high-risk occupations.

Our OverNiteMale®Kit make it possible for patients to bank from home without traveling to our facility. Sperm samples are collected in a container supplied in the kit and shipped to our laboratory using via FedEx®  The sperm are protected during shipment by a specially formulated transport buffer. The OverNiteMale® Kit was created in our laboratory in 1996 to ensure the safe delivery of your sperm to our laboratory for banking.

It is important that you contact our andrology coordinator to order your OverNiteMale® Kits and start banking specimens as soon as possible. It is recommended that patients bank two to four samples to optimize chances of pregnancy in the future. Since two to three days sexual abstinence are recommended between ejaculates, the process will take approximately one to two weeks. This can be adjusted to accommodate patients with limited time available prior to surgery or therapies.

To order your OverNiteMale® Kit or for further information, call the andrology coordinator at 312.996.7713.

It's Easy to Use:

  • Collect Specimen,
  • Gently mix with Buffer Media,
  • Call FedEx® and ship to...
  • UIC - University Andrology Laboratory

The OverNiteMale® Kit contains the following:

  1. Complete instructions for collection and overnight shipment of semen specimen
  2. A sterile collection cup
  3. Buffer media that helps protect the semen specimen during shipment
  4. Bio-hazard bag
  5. Temperature indicators
  6. Tamper proof strip
  7. Shipping box with foam insert
  8. FedEx® air bill
  9. Semen storage agreement and information that accompanies initial specimen
OverNiteMale® Kit Fee Schedule Price
FedEx® Charges (Round Trip) and OverNiteMale® Kit
(when sample is cryopreserved)
FedEx® Charges (Round Trip) and OverNiteMale® Kit
(with out cryopreservation) 
Cryopreservation $195
Annual Storage Fee (includes all vials)
  • Charged with first specimen only. Thereafter, billed annually.
Six Month Storage Fee (includes all vials) $175
Post- vasectomy Testing by Mail
FedEx® Charges (Round Trip) and OverNiteMale® Kit + Semen Analysis
OverNiteMale® Kits Important Notes

Unused OverNiteMale Kits CAN NOT be returned for credit

The OverNiteMale® Kit clearly outlines the exact procedures to be followed when shipping a specimen to us. Note: Purchase of the kit includes pre-paid, round trip FedEx® charges.

It is imperative to point out that the method of shipment is most critical. The shipment must be made using FedEx® - "Priority Overnight Service" as they are the fastest and safest method available. The package must be presented to your local FedEx® provider. It is best for you to contact FedEx® (800 - GO - FEDEX or 800.463.3339) to determine the shipment deadlines (to ensure arrival at the University Andrology Laboratory by 10:30 A.M. the following day), and to schedule a pick up of the package at your location. Always arrange for priority overnight delivery service as time is of great importance for the best cryopreservation of the specimen. The specimen must arrive in the lab Monday through Friday before noon. This means you cannot ship on Friday or Saturday. (Note: Many FedEx® offices do not ship on Sunday. Call your local office).

Notify the University Andrology Laboratory by telephone at least 24 hours in advance of shipment. Give the laboratory the FedEx® Air Bill Tracking Number located on the shipping form (enclosed with the kit). This will enable the laboratory to verify the shipment and to trace it, should it not arrive on schedule. This will ensure that the laboratory will be prepared to process the specimen immediately upon arrival.

The OverNiteMale® Kit contains registration, medical history and agreement forms that must be completed by the patient and returned with the first specimen shipment to the laboratory. A check covering all charges must be enclosed or a Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card billing can be paid in advance. If the patient desires to submit the laboratory charges to his medical insurance company, the laboratory will mail the charge slip marked "paid" to the patient. Contact the University Andrology Laboratory for test results the day after the arrival of the specimen in the laboratory.

The University Andrology Laboratory assumes no liability for lost or delayed shipments or for specimens which are shipped by methods other than those previously recommended.

An adequate number of specimens should be collected to assure a sufficient number of vials for future use. This may require 2 to 3 OverNiteMale® Kits.