Pre & Post Vasectomy Services

The UI Health Andrology Laboratory offers complete per and post- vasectomy services.

Sperm Banking Before Vasectomy

Congratulations, you have decided to take control of your reproductive future and have a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a long-term, permanent form of birth control. While, one in six men older than 35 have had a vasectomy, many men have a change of circumstances and later want to father a child. Up to 10% of men who undergo vasectomy attempt a vasectomy reversal. Unfortunately, a vasectomy reversal is expensive, not covered by insurance, painful and not always successful.

Pre-Vasectomy sperm banking is the most economical nonsurgical method for preserving your future fertility. If there is any possibility that you would like more children later in life, sperm banking before your vasectomy is your best option.

What Are My Options

Contact the andrology coordinator 312.996.7713 to arrange for an appointment at our facility.

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Banking from home: 
Use our OverNiteMale® Kit from the convenience of your home. Our time-tested kit is safe and easy to use.

To order your kits or for further information, contact our Andrology Coordinator at 312.996.7713.

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Posy-Vasectomy Sperm Count

Post-vasectomy sperm count includes microscopic visualization of sperm cells. When no sperm are visible, the specimen is centrifuged, and the pellet microscopically analyzed for the presence of any sperm.

Specimens are accepted Monday to Friday. Results are available to the physician the same day.

Contact the Andrology Coordinator 312.996.7713 to arrange for an appointment at our facility.

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Post-Vasectomy Testing From Home

Post-vasectomy testing is required to confirm that your vasectomy was successful before alternate methods of birth control can be discontinued. Always follow your physician's instructions.

  1. Use alternate methods of birth control until your vasectomy has been confirmed successful.
  2. Complete the minimum of number of ejaculations recommended by your physician.
  3. Submit a sample for semen analysis.
  4. Submit a second sample for semen analysis two weeks to one month later, as recommended by your physician.


  1. If sperm are detected, semen analyses should be repeated until no sperm are present in two consecutive samples. 
  2.  A follow-up semen analysis at one-year post vasectomy will guarantee that re-growth of the vas deferens did not occur.

That is a lot of time out of your busy life for testing. You can now do your testing from home, in your free time, using our OverNiteMale® Kit. All kits are shipped FedEx® to the Andrology Laboratory, so no in person visits are required. Results are available the day samples are received.

To order your kits or for further information, contact our andrology coordinator at 312.996.7713.

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OverNiteMale® Kit

OverNiteMale® Kits make it possible for patients to bank from home without traveling to our facility. Sperm samples are collected in a container supplied in the kit and shipped to our laboratory via FedEx®. The sperm are protected during shipment by a specially formulated transport buffer. The OverNiteMale® Kit was created in our laboratory in 1996 to ensure the safe delivery of your sperm to our laboratory for banking.

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