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Melanated Midwives

Studies have shown that nationally, women of color are more likely to experience harmful outcomes during and after pregnancy. UI Health is working towards eliminating these experiences in our community through programs such as the Melanated Group Midwifery Care (MGMC). At UI Health we offer racially concordant care to ensure all women receive the care they desire with the best outcomes.

Melanated Group Prenatal Care

This pregnancy care model offers prenatal and postpartum care from a team of midwives, a nurse navigator, and postpartum doulas who are Black and understand the individual needs of their patients. This is done in the form of group prenatal and individualized postpartum doula care. Patients can ask about joining at your next appointment with your prenatal provider.

UIC Healthy Start

Healthy Start works to support and improve the health of women, men, and family living in Englewood, South Shore, and Auburn Gresham. This includes many services especially valuable for pregnant women, new moms, and their families.