No sugar coating it, UI Health saved David Priego’s life

David Priego

David Preigo and his wife know Mile Square Health Center and UI Health doctors are always there for them.

Now, Mile Square Health Center is helping him manage his diabetes to be sure he's around to take care of his family.

I was sick and in the hospital a few months ago, and it was a wake-up call. I am doing what my doctors say so I can keep working and take care of my family - my beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters. I see my primary care doctor at Mile Square Health Center Back of the Yards, plus a specialist nearby at UI Health's Outpatient Care Center on West Taylor Street.

With the help of my Mile Square Health Center doctors and my UI Health specialists, I'm working on getting my diabetes and high blood pressure under control, and losing weight. I've grown up in a culture where we love to devour food, but we can make different choices. I'm learning to eat the right foods. I'm able to feel full and still lose weight, which is the most important thing.

We picked the right medical care with Mile Square Health Center and UI Health. My doctors are there for me, 100 percent. My wife loves the care. She speaks Spanish and usually someone at the clinic speaks Spanish and is able to help her. She went there through her pregnancies and now my daughters go there. We wouldn't go anywhere else but to UI Health and UI Health doctors.