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Transplant Program

The transplant team at UI Health cared for Dave and Ashley throughout their journey. Their This is Personal video shows why they celebrate their transplant anniversary each year.

The Division of Transplantation at UI Health is a pioneer in the field of transplantation, and many procedures widely used today were first established at UI Health. Our program features an internationally trained team of doctors and medical care providers dedicated to guiding patients through every phase of transplantation — from pre-operation testing to post-operation care —  to ensure the most successful outcomes.

Our transplant surgeons have pioneered a number of worldwide and national transplantation "firsts," including living-organ-donor procedures, to provide more transplant options to more patients more quickly. UI Health's transplantation programs have some of the best treatment outcomes in the Chicago area.

Jose Oberholzer Video

Dr. Oberholzer brings hope and opportunity for patients living with Type 1 type diabetes.

Our Transplantation Services:

UI Health is leading center for both solid organ and cell transplantation procedures. Our expertise includes:

Solid Organ Transplantation

Cell Transplantation