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Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace begins Nov. 1, 2016. The deadline for enrolling in the marketplace is Jan. 31, 2017.

The Health Insurance Marketplace provides options for affordable health insurance plans sold by insurance companies. Most people can shop for plans using the Health Insurance Marketplace. For more information on whether you qualify, click here. If you bought a health insurance plan through the Marketplace in 2016, you can renew your current plan or enroll in a different plan for 2017.

You also can apply for the expanded Medicaid program at any time.

The Affordable Care Act has made changes to the Medicaid program, making it much different from how you might remember in years past. If you applied for Medicaid prior to 2014 and did not qualify, you now may be able to receive free or low-cost health insurance coverage through the Medicaid expansion.

Why should I apply?

Most people are required by law to have health insurance - or they may face a penalty. UI Health is here to help make this an easy process.

How can UI Health help me?

We can answer your questions over the phone, by email, or you can schedule an appointment to get help in person. We have many locations; there is probably one right in your neighborhood.        

What will I need?

Before you call or come in for an appointment you will need:         

  • Social Security Numbers or document numbers for legal immigrants
  • Employer and income information, if you have a job (Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement; pay stubs)

How will I know if I qualify? What if I don't?

Qualifying for Medicaid depends mostly on how much money you make. Our counselors can work with you to determine if you qualify. They keep everything confidential. Those with Medicare coverage are not eligible to use the Marketplace.

To find out more about the two insurance options, visit Health Care Reform at UI Health.

For more information about why you need health insurance, facts about the new healthcare law, or information on the Illinois Marketplace, visit

Share information in your community

If you are interested in sharing information about the new healthcare options and how to sign up, download and print our Get Insured Card below.
Get Insured Card - English (pdf)
Get Insured Card - Spanish (pdf) 


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