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At the University Of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, patients receive advanced care for end-stage renal (kidney) disease (ESRD), renal transplantation, acute renal failure, kidney stones and immunological renal diseases. The transplant survival rates in this program are among the best in the region.

Today’s program has grown out of a long history of excellence in the field of nephrology. In the early 1950s, UI Hospital physicians refined and developed the percutaneous kidney biopsy as a clinical tool. They were also the first in the state to perform a living kidney transplant from a living related donor.

Our Services

Dialysis Services
A 23-chair outpatient dialysis unit, a 9-bed hospital dialysis unit and dialysis services in local skilled nursing facilities are part of the ESRD program.

The patient's blood is pumped through the blood compartment of a dialyzer for cleansing and then returned to the body.

Peritoneal Dialysis
A sterile solution containing minerals and glucose is run through the body to absorb waste products, and then it is drained out through a tube and discarded.

Short Daily Home Dialysis
Daily treatments more closely resemble normal kidney function than three-times-a-week treatments. Daily dialysis is considered by many in the renal community to be a promising alternative to current thrice-weekly dialysis.

Our Locations

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