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Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Speaking, swallowing, breathing - your head and neck contain many structures that are very important to your daily function. That's why head and neck cancer can cause many complex issues. UI Health has experienced specialists to treat tumors of the head and neck.

Not every tumor in the head and neck is cancer. You may have a benign tumor, which is not invasive but could become harmful in some instances. A malignant tumor is cancerous and could potentially spread to other parts of the body.

If your tumor is cancer, the earlier it is diagnosed, the more likely the treatment will be successful. At UI Health, our team will work together to find the best treatment for you.

Our Team of Experts

From the Neck Up

Most head and neck cancers begin in the moist tissues that line the mouth, nose, and throat. This type of cancer is often related to a history of tobacco use, smoked or chewed, or alcohol abuse. Sometimes, it can be linked to the presence of Human PapillomaVirus (HPV).

Head and neck cancers can also be called:

  • Mouth cancer 
  • Tongue cancer 
  • Throat cancer 
  • Oropharyngeal cancer 
  • Oral cavity cancer 
  • Cancer of the voice box 
  • Laryngeal cancer 
  • Sinus cancer 
  • Lip cancer 
  • Skin cancer 
  • Thyroid cancer 
  • Salivary gland cancer 
  • Parotid cancer

Many Specialists: One Goal

At UI Health, we put our heads together to completely treat your tumor, no matter how complex or how advanced your disease. Once a week, all of the specialists involved in diagnosing, staging, and treating your cancer meet to discuss and develop the best treatment plan for you.

Our expert team includes:

  • Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon cancer specialists;
  • Radiation Oncologists who provide radiation therapy;
  • Medical Oncologists who provide chemotherapy;
  • Neuro radiologists who interpret your imaging studies that assist in developing your tumor stage which enables your doctor to give you prognostic information
  • Pathologists who review your biopsies; and
  • Speech Pathologists who are involved in your rehabilitation of function of your mouth, voice box, and throat that often begins even before your treatment.

We work to provide you the best treatment options and the most minimally invasive surgeries to decrease possible problems after treatment.

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