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Pediatric Nephrology (Kidney & Urological)

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The Kidney Center at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System offers comprehensive services to children and adolescents with kidney and urological medical problems. The Preventive Pediatric Renal clinic focuses on early intervention for children with kidney diseases with a special focus on conditions that contribute to kidney problems (such as high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus). Services also include dialysis and kidney transplantation. Treatment includes family education on dietary management, exercise, and drug therapy.

Our mission is to provide compassionate, multi-culturally sensitive, high-quality care for patients from all walks of life. We are staffed with an experienced team of pediatric nephrologists, transplant surgeons trained in some of the best US centers, Pharm. D's, nurses, dieticians, social workers, and support staff.

The center has been active in clinical and basic research as well as medical education (Medical students, residents) for the last 40 years. Because of our rich history, our center has been the first to bring many new and exciting services to the city of Chicago. Some of those include:

  • Renal transplant in high risk pediatric patients
  • Steroid free protocol for renal transplants in children
  • Chronic peritoneal dialysis in children with chronic kidney disease
  • Use of double lumen catheter for hemodialysis in children and CRRT in Children
  • Robotic renal graft implant in obese pediatric and adolescent patients with minimal complication and hospital stay
  • Robotic removal of graft from adult to place in young children
  • Robotic removal of parathyroid glad

Many of these services have led to the success of the center. A few of those successes have been with the development of a post-transplant fluid protocol for pediatric renal transplant patients, which have helped to avoid vascular thrombosis during post-operative period especially in young children. As well as an ongoing 100% graft survival and patient survival.

The center has established great partnerships with the College of Pharmacy. Through this partnership we have been able to participate in several anti-rejection medication trials and pharmacokinetic studies.

Contact Pediatric Nephrology:

  • New patients: call 866.600.CARE (2273)
  • Current patients: call 312.996-9291
  • For Pediatric Transplant: call 312.996.6771
  • Referring Doctors: call 312.996.6771

Our Pediatric Nephrology Team:

Eunice John, MD, DCH, FAAP
Chief of Pediatric Nephrology; Medical Director of Pediatric Kidney Transplant; Professor of Pediatrics, UIC

Kimberly Czech, MD, PhD
Director of Pediatric Hypertension; Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, UIC

Shihtien Wang, MD
Director of In-Patient Pediatric Dialysis; Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, UIC