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Reproductive Health

Family Planning at the University of Illinois Health System is grounded in the belief that every woman has a right to plan if, when and how to have a family regardless or race/ethnicity, socio-economic status or citizenship. Our mission is to conduct innovative, culturally-relevant research, to train highly skilled practitioners and to promote social policies that maintain a woman's bodily integrity.

The Center for Reproductive Health offers safe, confidential and comprehensive care for women who seek reproductive services for treatment of miscarriage, contraceptive care, and induced abortion.

Services Include:

  • Medical termination of pregnancy up to 9-weeks gestation
  • Surgical termination of pregnancy up to 14-weeks gestation
  • Treatment of missed miscarriage up to 14-weeks gestation
  • Pre- and post-procedure counseling
  • Contraceptive counseling, particularly for high-risk patients
  • Emergency contraception

For genetic or medically indicated patients, we perform dilation and evacuation (D&E) through 21 completed weeks of gestation and medical induction through 22 completed weeks at the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago.


The patient or referring provider should call the Center for Reproductive Health, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at 312-413-8681 . Services are provided on Thursdays.

Faculty and Staff:

All UI Health System physicians and staff who work with the Center for Reproductive Health have extensive training and experience in comprehensive family planning services.

Contraceptive Counseling Hotline

The Center for Reproductive Health offers a contraceptive consultation hotline for providers. In order to access this service, call 312.413.8681(M-F, 9am-4:30pm) to leave a message for one of our physicians. Consultation is provided on all aspects of contraception including:

  • Emergency contraception
  • Contraception in teenagers
  • Contraception after birth
  • Contraception in peri-menopause
  • Contraindications for contraceptive methods
  • Contraception in women with chronic disease
  • Advantages of contraception
  • Hormonal/non-hormonal contraception
  • Intrauterine and implantable contraceptives
  • Sterilization

Contact Us

For appointments please contact the appointment line at 312.413.8681