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Medication Therapy Management Clinic (MTMC)

Medication management for patient who have multiple chronic medications.
All of your medications can be filled prior to leaving the hospital along with payment coordination.


Who is this program designed for?

Patients who benefit most:

  • Those who have not reached or are not maintaining their intended therapy goal
  • Those who are experiencing ADEs from their medications
  • Those who have difficulty understanding and following their medication regimen
  • Those in need of preventive therapy
  • Those who are frequently readmitted to the hospital

How do they sign up for it, or use it?

  • Send an electronic Cerner consult; order "AMB Medication Therapy Management Consult"
  • Patients are typically seen within 2 weeks

Are there any forms or papers they need to fill out?

Just a Cerner consult, they should be specific as to what the patient's needs are from MTMC and/or the focus of their visits

Who should they see or call if they have questions?

Call 312-996-5025

Other FAQ's?

Frequency of Visits:
At least month, but can be more frequently based on the need of the patient

How long are visits:
Initials visits are 1 hr, established patient visits are 30 minutes

1801 W. Taylor Suite 3B

Do patients need to have their medications filled at OCC pharmacy:
No, but they will not be followed on a long-term basis