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Community Relations

Our mission is to improve community wellness, provide health education, goodwill to communities we serve and contribute to the elimination of health disparities.

Community RelationsCommunity Relations involves strategic planning and implementation of health education, community outreach, assessments, and health events. We provide a guide to help improve your engagement with the community.

What We Do

We provide consultations to clinical service lines in the following areas:

  • Action planning
  • Activities to engage the community
  • Advising on exhibit table or booth image
  • Community event checklist
  • Detailing logistics
  • Fostering interprofessional & cross-college collaboration
  • Identifying key opportunities and targeted audiences for outreach
  • Identifying opportunities to increase exposure for clinician presentations
  • Keeping a pulse on community trends
  • Planning budget for community outreach
  • Promotion of events on the hospital website
  • Recommendations for translations of print materials
  • Recommendations for practical promotional items
  • Recruitment of clinical service staff
  • Review health-education outreach print materials

Why is Community Relations important?

Community Relations is our social responsibility of sustainable programs, and it contributes to community wellness and goodwill.

  • Aligns with our mission
  • Brings “personalized care” to the community
  • Builds trust and loyalty
  • Contributes to the elimination of health disparities
  • Cultivates strong community partnership
  • Educates the community on health
  • Fosters cross-collaboration
  • Goodwill to the communities we serve
  • Improves brand recognition
  • Improves community relations
  • Increases engagement of clinical staff
  • Increases clinical staff engagement
  • Leverages community partnerships to address health priorities
  • Can contribute to accreditation requirements of service lines community outreach
  • Provides unified presence at events
  • Visibility in the community

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Pilar Carmona at 312.355.4728 or pilarb@uic.edu .

Requesting departments are responsible for event sponsorship, registrations, purchases of promotional items, banners, table cloths, and orders directly with vendors.