Center for Breast Care

Welcome to the Center for Breast Care at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. We are committed to working together to best serve your breast health and treatment needs. The Center for Breast Care at UI Health has been successfully leading the fight against breast cancer, providing patients with renewed hope.

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To ensure successful patient outcomes, our experienced physicians utilize the most effective tools to diagnose and treat the disease. We offer a wide range of breast services, including:

  • Examination, screening and detection
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Digital imaging / mammography
  • Preoperative therapy
  • Novel treatments
  • Advanced techniques in radiation and chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Prevention strategies
  • Gynecologic fertility preservation and support / Risk reduction strategies
  • Treatment for specialized patient populations (e.g., ethnic populations, underserved)
  • Survivorship Clinic

A Collaborative Approach to Patient Care

We take into account our patients' values, background and personal preferences when developing breast cancer treatment plans. In addition, we give high priority to the needs and requests of the patient and family. Our team consists of specialists across many areas of expertise including:

  • Breast imaging specialists for mammography, ultrasound and other techniques used to map and target breast cancer
  • Medical, surgical and radiation oncologists: doctors specializing in breast cancer care
  • Pathologists: doctors specialized in analyzing tumor cells
  • Cancer geneticists: experts who study the link between breast cancer and genetics
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons for breast reconstruction
  • Breast cancer navigators and patient support services to guide patients through treatment
  • Nurses, therapists, pharmacists and others with extensive experience in cancer care

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Breast Cancer Clinic

Cancer Clinic, Suite 1E

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