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About the UI Health Asthma Program

The number of people suffering from asthma has been steadily increasing over the past 50 years with more than 20 million Americans have a diagnosis of asthma.

The main goals of the UI Health Asthma Clinic are to improve the health of adults with asthma by focusing on patient education, patient-centered asthma management to provide personalized and specialized care, and engaging in research that will improve the care of asthma. The Asthma Clinic partners with many different disciplines including specialists (Allergy, ENT, Pulmonary), primary care and emergency room providers, nurses and pharmacists to diagnose and treat asthma and individualize comprehensive asthma care.

Rocio's asthma treatment at the University of Illinois Hospital

"It's a good ending. I'm so excited."

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New Treatments

We now offer new treatment options for asthma sufferers.  Read more about Bronchial Thermoplasty.

Asthma Education Clinic

Asthma Education Clinic helps patients better understand the underlying causes asthma, their asthma triggers, and asthma self-management with the goal of controlling asthma long-term. 

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Rocio Prieto's Severe Asthma and Allergies Impacted Her Career

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The UI Health Asthma Clinic also conducts asthma research jointly with its clinical patient care. World-renowned scientists across many disciplines partner together to understand the causes of asthma. A better understanding of asthma will allow for new treatments to be developed, which will help asthma patients live longer and healthier lives. We combine extraordinary patient-focused asthma care, state of the art clinical facilities and a strong research team, which separate us as a leader in asthma research and care.

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