Health Social Workers

The best medical care pays attention to the psychological, social, and environmental needs of patients and families.

How do social workers help with your health?

We are part of the many health care teams at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System (UI Health), working closely with doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. We become your advocates. We help you to address the personal, family, and social problems that may arise from or affect your health needs and medical care.

The services of the Department of Health Social Work are available to all patients of the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact the Health Social Work Office at 312.996.0293.

What do your Health Social Workers do?

  • Advocate for you in the health care system
  • Identify and address barriers to medical care
  • Assess your risks and needs including evaluation of post-discharge needs
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Provide brief and supportive counseling
  • Identify and provide referrals to appropriate community resources
  • Provide assessment and support to victims of abuse or neglect, including child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and institutional abuse or neglect
  • Communicate and collaborate with the medical team to develop a plan of care that addresses both health care and psychosocial needs.

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Contact Us

If you are currently a patient of UI Health, call the Health Social Work Office at 312.996.0293 for more information.