Mother/Baby Unit

As a part of the Family Birth Place, the Mother/Baby Unit allows new mothers to "room-in" with their baby. This enhances the bonding experience between mother and newborn and also provides a comfortable space for breastfeeding and family visits.

After your baby is delivered, you are given time with your newborn to bond and cherish the irreplaceable first precious moments. After some recovery time, you and your baby will be taken to a private or semi-private room on our Mother/Baby Unit to continue skin-to-skin contact and join your family. Rooming with your baby strengthens the maternal-fetal bond and has numerous health benefits for the newborn. The care team provides support and guidance to help you become more comfortable breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and learning your baby's hunger cues in preparation for bringing your baby home. Our experienced postpartum nursing staff will also teach you how to care for yourself postpartum.

While on the Mother/Baby Unit, our team will be there to provide nurturing care, answer questions, and help support you and your baby during these treasured times. Your pediatrician will see your baby throughout your hospitalization, addressing questions you have about caring for your new child. For peace of mind, the Mother/Baby Unit is a secured unit using an infant security system.

The postpartum rooms on the Mother/Baby Unit offer:

  • Tranquil, quiet spaces separate from Labor & Delivery
  • Option to bathe baby in room
  • Rooming in of newborns
  • Cable TV
  • Mini-fridge
  • Photography service for you and your newborn
  • Convertible bed for loved ones who wish to remain in the room with you and your baby
  • Breastfeeding support