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Process and Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: The Find-a-Doc (FAD) directory is for patient-facing clinical providers. If you are a resident or are not billable for services, you should not be listed in FAD.

How to have a provider added to Find a Doctor (FAD)

  • In order to have a profile added to Find-a-Doc, you need to accept appointments made through the UI Health Call Center.  If you are unable to accept appointments through the Call Center but are interested in doing so, please contact the Call Center for more information at UIHealthFAD@uic.edu. 
  • Once the schedule is confirmed, complete and submit the Find-a-Doc request form
  • If provider has not had an official UIC Photo headshot in the past year, please have them attend an upcoming session. Schedule and signup at hospital.uillinois.edu/FADPhoto 
    New-official photos are required for all new Find-a-Doc profiles 

Edit, update, or remove a Find a Doctor profile

  • If a provider leaves UI Health, email their full name, netid, and termination date to UIHealthFAD@uic.edu
  • Find a Doctor edits should be sent to UIHealthFAD@uic.edu with the full name and netid of the provider in need of edits. Please describe what is posted and what is should be. For example, "Dr. Jane Doe (netid) is list as Specialty XYZ, but her specialty is Specialty ABC" 

All providers must have biographies and current photos

  • If a provider's photo is missing, or the headshot is over two years old, please have a new photo taken by UIC Photo. Schedule and signup at hospital.uillinois.edu/FADPhoto 
  • If a provider does not have a biography on their profile, please send ~150 word biography describing their patient services and clinical interest in patient friendly language to UIHealthFAD@uic.edu

Contact: Eric Pitt, Assistant Director of Web and Digital Strategy, ejpitt@uic.edu, ph: 312.413.9043