Sturge Weber Center of Excellence

The UIC Sturge-Weber Center of Excellence is part of the Sturge-Weber Foundation Clinical Care Network.

The Sturge-Weber Foundation has designated the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System a Center of Excellence for providing exceptional care to patients living with Sturge-Weber Syndrome, a rare vascular disorder characterized by a large red facial birthmark, called a port-wine stain, as well as neurological abnormalities (seizures, developmental delay, weakness of one side of the body and headache) and glaucoma.

The range of symptoms requires several different specialists as a team. Our center is truly unique in that we can treat patients from infancy through adulthood. As patients with Sturge-Weber age, the symptoms, and complications they face change, and so does the medical care they need. At UI Health, we have the expertise to be able to provide a variety of high-quality care for patients throughout their lives.

Dr. Loeb is the Head of the UIC Department of Neurology & Rehabilitation and an expert in epilepsy and has active research programs.  He serves as the Chief Clinical Strategist for the Sturge-Weber Foundation to advance care and develop new treatments for patients with Sturge-Weber Syndrome.