Nursing Elevated: Professional Practice Model

Nursing Elevated Train

The UI Health Nursing Professional Practice Model illustrates how nurses support the organization's mission, vision, and national professional standards of nursing practice. 

The Elements

  • Trestles: displaying our ICARE behavior standards as the solid foundation of nursing at UI Health.
  • Elevated Tracks: Running on the principles of Relationship-Based Care (RBC) and Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science Theory (CST), nursing at UI Health is focused on the care provided to maintain three main relationships: care for ourselves as healthcare providers, care of our patients and their families, and care of one another as nursing colleagues and members of an interprofessional care team.
  • Train Cars: Represents how nurses continually work to elevate nursing and the committed support behind the work by: 
    • Displaying our Advancing Nursing Excellence (A.N.E.) Shared Governance Model, you see our unit advisory councils (where unit-level work is done), our four (4) house-wide councils (where system work is done) and our coordinating council (where the decisions are made). 
    • Representing how nursing is the nexus of healthcare by connecting our patients and community to health, safety, wellness, or peaceful end of life. 
    • Depicting the unified vision and support of UI Health and the University Of Illinois Chicago to nursing at UI Health.
  • Background: The Chicago Skyline along with the “L” train line clearly ascertains we are Chicago, we are Illinois, we are nursing at UI Health.

What is our ANE Nursing “Shared Governance​”? 

In its simplest form, shared leadership is shared decision-making based on the four principles of partnership, equity, accountability, and ownership at the point of service, on patient care units. Therefore, employees, patients, the organization, and the surrounding community benefit from shared leadership.