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Administrative Fellows

Current Administrative Fellow

Jack VanOverloop
Jack VanOverloop is the current Administrative Fellow at UI Health. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan in 2012. Jack received a Master of Science in Health Systems Management from Rush University in 2017. He spent his first year at Rush University Medical Center working in Perioperative Services and his second year at Rush University Medical Group. In Perioperative Services, Jack worked on an interdisciplinary team to evaluate the future of service lines and helped build the infrastructure to support a growing robotics program. In the medical group, he created a monthly dashboard to track performance of the ambulatory offsite practices and met with key stakeholders across the institution to develop an effective cost structure for multispecialty clinics. Prior to his graduate studies, Jack was an Account Manager at a Health IT consulting firm in California. He collaborated with hospital leadership across the country on successful EMR implementations and optimization projects.

Administrative Fellow History

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