Diversity and Inclusion

The office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) at UIC has a commitment to the education of our faculty, fellows, residents and staff across age, gender-identity-expression, race, ethnicity, country and regions of origin, cultures, socio-economic status, political beliefs, spiritual/religious beliefs or other ideologies, disabilities and sexual orientation. Through this mission we aim to:

  • Foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment.
  • Provide resources for residents, fellows, faculty and staff to enrich diversity, equity and inclusion through training, educational development and discourse.
  • Support diversifying the physician workforce to produce professionals that are reflective and can address the healthcare needs of the state and the nation.

Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM)
The Department of Medicine is hosting a four Bias Reduction in Internal Medicine (BRIM) workshops for the purpose of providing training for recognizing and understanding implicit bias. These workshops will be held via Zoom and is open to anyone wishing to attend. You need only to sign up for one workshop as they are all the same. Registration to the sessions is required. For questions, contact linda1@uic.edu.

Center for Global Health - Graduate Global Health Programs
Website: https://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/departments/centers/center-for-global-health/education/graduate-global-health-program/
Graduate Global Health Programs Information (PDF)
Dr. Amber Hathcock, Associate Director of Graduate Global Health Education: amhathco@uic.edu
Dr. Stacey Chamberlain, Director of Academic Programs: staceymd@uic.edu
The mission of the Center for Global Health is to improve the health of populations and individuals around the world, and to reduce health disparities, by collaboratively conducting trans disciplinary research, training the next generations of global health leaders, and building the capacities of global and local partners

Cook County Physicians Association (CCPA)
Website: http://ccpachicago.org/
The Cook County Physicians Association was founded in order to address racial, political and economic problems in the delivery of medical care and education, especially as they impact African Americans. Among the goals of the Cook County Physicians Association is the desire to increase the number of African American physicians, as this is one of the critical issues of this time.

Department of Medicine Inclusion Council: Diversity Video Series
Website: https://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/departments/academic-departments/medicine/about/diversity/
The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Department of Medicine stresses that diversity drives innovation and promotes health equity. Our mission is to advance the diversity and inclusion of faculty and trainees through education, advocacy, scholarly activities, mentorship, and networking.

Diversity at the College of Medicine-Chicago
Website: http://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/education/md-student-life/diversity/
The College of Medicine aims to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive UI COM-munity, which will provide resources for students, trainees, faculty, and staff and support cross-college and interdisciplinary engagement and integration.

JBVA Equal Employment Opportunity Office Contacts
EEO Manager:
Darryll Woodson, Room 6471, Darryll.Woodson@va.gov, 312.569.6208
EEO Specialist: Dawn Colar, Room 6468, Dawn.Colar@va.gov, 312.569.6584
EEO Assistant: Christiana Belcher, Room 6469, Christiana.Belcher@va.gov, 312.569.6162

Medical Organization for Latino Advancement (MOLA)
Website: https://www.chicagomola.com/
MOLA is a non-profit association of Hispanic/Latino physicians and health professionals working for career advancement, linguistic and cultural competency, personal wellness, and health equity for the good of the entire Hispanic/Latino community.

NBME Creates a 21-Day Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Educational Challenge
Website: https://www.nbme.org
To enhance NBME's (National Board of Medical Examiners) knowledge and understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues as they relate to health care, education, race, systemic racism and allyship, NBME curated content for a 21-Day DEI Educational Challenge.

Office for Access and Equity (OAE)
Website: http://www.uic.edu/depts/oae
As part of the Office of the Chancellor, OAE strives to increase access to employment, programs, and services in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment.

Office of International Services (OIS)
Website: http://www.ois.uic.edu
OIS supports new international students through the transition to life in the U.S. and study at UIC during International Student Orientation.
Email: ois@uic.edu
Phone: 312.996.3121

Women Trainee Interest Group (WTIG)
Website: ;Women Trainees Interest Group (PDF)
WTIG, a group created for women residents from all programs at UIC. Our group's mission is to improve the health of underserved women in our community through advocacy and community outreach; to create mentorship for physicians in training; and to enhance education about women's health within UIC's residency programs.