Concussion Services

The Concussion Management Program at UI Health provides a holistic approach to concussion care that is beneficial to the patient's recovery. Each patient's symptoms and need for treatment is unique. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians works together to provide services to help meet every patient's individual needs.

Our programs services include care of the following areas:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is involved in the initial evaluation of the body's physical systems that are commonly affected by concussion. The physical therapist's exam includes a screening of the body's ocular, vestibular, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems. If dysfunction within or between these systems is found, therapists are uniquely qualified to treat many of these physical impairments. Treatment may include manual therapy, vestibular therapy, and/or balance training. Your physical therapist will also be involved during the exertional testing portion of your care, to make sure your body is safe to return to your previous level of activity.


Neuropsychological assessment involves a systematic evaluation of cognitive abilities that can be affected after concussions, such as attention and concentration capacity, thinking speed, and memory.


A neurologist will review the diagnosis, test results, and treatment options as part of the concussion management team.


In the unlikely event that any kind of neurosurgical consultation is needed, our concussion program has a dedicated neurosurgeon as part of the team.


Access to advanced high-resolution neuroimaging techniques, as needed


As some concussion patients experience changes in vision, a neuro-ophthalmologist is part of the team and will provide advanced diagnostics and treatment options as needed.


A neuropsychiatrist will be available as needed for those experiencing persisting emotional changes after concussion requiring specialized psychiatric support.

Occupational Therapy

For individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury and or a concussion, an Occupational Therapists can provide individualized treatment plan focused on a steady return to work, school and other roles and activities.