Adolescent Weight Management Program

Obesity is not a condition unique to adults. Today, nearly 20% of children in the United States age 2–19 are obese. Obesity can cause immediate and long-term consequences, such as elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes, all of which are known to cause cardiovascular diseases. Children and adolescents who are obese are likely to be obese as adults, with increased risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, several types of cancer, and social and psychological issues like stigmatization and poor self-esteem.

The Adolescent and Pediatric Weight Management Program at UI Health provides compassionate and comprehensive family-based care for children and teenagers who are overweight or obese and want to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of experts will work with you and your child to create a personalized plan to assist with weight loss, improve health, and overcome obstacles that keep your child from living life to the fullest. During your first visit, a physician or nurse practitioner will perform a thorough medical review and evaluation, which will include lab work and a body mass index (BMI) measurement. Based on this initial meeting and your weight goals, a specialist will discuss the available options, which include a medical weight-loss program or a bariatric surgery.


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