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Care Team

Our Team

Dr. Mimis Cohen: Plastic Surgery
Dr. Oana Danciu: Hematology-Oncology/Leader of the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program
Dr. Rajyasree Emmadi: Pathology
Dr. Lauren Green: Radiology
Dr. Howard J. Halpern: Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Kent Hoskins: Hematology-Oncology/Director, Familial Breast Cancer Program
Dr. Matthew Ranzer: Plastic Surgery
Dr. George Salti: Surgical Oncologist
Dr. Christina Son: Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Michael Warso: Surgical Oncology, Chief

Yvette Castro, Certified Breast Health Navigator
Erica Ruiz, Breast Lay Navigator
Cathleen Schaeffer, RN Certified Nurse Navigator

Lara Balay, MS Ed., MS CGC: Certified Genetic Counselor
Tara Maga, MS Ed., MS CGC: Certified Genetic Counselor

Jessica Voigts: Social Worker