Life after surgery

It is OK feel a “let down” or mildly depressed around four or six weeks after surgery. These feelings usually go away quickly, but please contact our office with any concerns. We are here to support you throughout your recovery process.

It usually takes six to eight weeks to recover from surgery. It’s important to allow time for your body to heal properly and anticipate being out of work during that time. It also will take time for your energy levels to return. Increase your activities as tolerated and slowly resume to your normal activities.

Here are items to consider during the recovery phase:

  • Lifting will be restricted to no more than 10 pounds for the first three weeks following surgery, and then can gradually be increased as you heal.
  • Walking will be advised, and you will be encouraged to slowly increase the amount of walking each week.
  • You will need to come back to the Transplant Clinic about one week after your discharge for a physical exam and bloodwork to monitor how your body is adjusting after the surgery.
  • Before being released from our care, you will be asked to come back to be seen at the two-week, four-month, one-year, and two-year anniversary of your donor operation for follow-up and a CT scan to assess liver regeneration.
  • Our Living Donor Advocate and social worker will continue to follow you after donation in the transplant clinic during your follow-up visits and are available to speak with you regarding any new presenting problems, concerns, or questions you may have at any point in time.
  • You should notify each of your local healthcare providers of any problems that develop once you are discharged home, and they should be given the number to our transplant office in the event they need to contact us to discuss a problem related to your surgery